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The Assessment Office is responsible for all standardized testing at Grayson High School.
  • Those tests include the End of Course Georgia Milestones (EOC's), Gateway, Gateway, District Designed Assessments, Student Performance Growth, and other similar tests if necessary.
  • Information regarding standardized tests used for post-secondary use, such as SAT, ACT, etc., can be found in our Counseling Office.
  • Information regarding Advanced Placement Tests can be acquired from Cappy Douglass.

District Assessments, Student Performance Growth, OECD, NAEP, EOC Midmonths – Veronica Crawford 770-554-1085

Gateway, EOC Main Administration – Leann Sims 770-554-7394

PSAT, ACCESS – Cappy Douglas 770-554-1084

GAA – Dr. Janita Richardson 770-554-1096

Interim Testing Fall 2018

Because of the extended time needed for 4th period interims in October, adjustments have been made to lunches.

October 11th - FL and Social Studies will flip, SS teachers with C lunch will have D lunch and ALL Foreign Language teachers will eat C

October 15th - Math will each B lunch and Science will eat A lunch

October 19th - Language Arts teachers with C lunch will eat with A, ALL Math will eat C.

Math has two changes total: October 15th B lunch, October 19th C Lunch