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Gateway Alternate Applications

Applications for the Senior Only February Alternate Gateway are due via email to the GCPS Testing Team on or before January 18, 2018.

  • May graduates need to register for the Gateway Alternate administration with their counselors by January 18, 2018.
  • If a May graduate does not submit an application or meet eligibility requirements, then the student will be removed from the test participation list for February.
  • Counselors of May graduates will help fill out the form. Please retain a copy from the counselor to take home with you.
  • Mandatory study sessions are as follows:

2/12/2018-2/15/2018 2:30 - 4:30 for the Science Alternate. Test to be held in the lecture hall on 2/16/2018.
2/26/2018-3/01/2018 for the Social Studies Alternate Test to be held in the lecture hall on 3/2/2018.

Gateway Student Retest

  • During Spring 2018, there will be an opportunity for a retest for juniors and seniors who have not scored a passing score on the Science and/or Social Studies Gateway.  There will be a study session held for juniors and seniors only on March 13, 2018 in the theater. Science will be held during periods 1-3. Social Studies will be held during periods 4B-6.
  • The Science retake is on March 26 in the lecture hall at 7:15.
  • The Social Studies retake is on March 27 in the lecture hall at 7:15.
  • There is an opportunity for you to complete an eCLASS, online Gateway Intervention session for both Science and Social Studies before retaking the assessments in March. The review work provides targeted reviews of materials that may be seen on these upcoming assessments. It also provides students with tips and tricks for writing Gateway style essays to help students be successful in passing these required tests. 
  • In addition, by completing the online units and submitting the work, you can accumulate intervention hours that will help you to qualify for the Senior Alternate assessment given in February should you need to take this opportunity. After completing ten hours of intervention in the subject area, you will qualify for a target specific training that will teach you the exact topic that you will write about on the Gateway exam should you need to test again in February.

Retesting Procedures for Post Graduates

Gateway Support Links

All 10th graders will be required to participate in the Gateway Assessment in the Spring of 2018. The Science Gateway will be held on March 26. The Social Studies Gateway will be held on March 27. All testing will be held in the classrooms upstairs beginning promptly at 7:15. Students will be placed alphabetically in the rooms. Please see your Language Arts teacher for a placement roster.
The Science makeup will be March 28, and the Social Studies make up will be March 29. All makeups will be held in the lecture hall starting at 7:15 each day.

16-17 Areas of Focus

GPCS Gateway Information

Gateway Interpretive Guide

Writing Support

Organizational Prewrite

Outlining for Success

Quickwrite Prewrite