August 25, 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I am writing to you today about an unsettling incident. We have received a picture from a concerned parent about an image of a swastika that appears to have been put on our football field by someone walking in the dew. By the time our school administration received the picture and went to the field to investigate, the dew had evaporated and there was no trace of the image left. We are investigating this incident but have not been able to find any useful information yet as to who would have put this hateful image on our school grounds. Let me be clear... this symbol and the bigotry, hatred, and terror associated with it is not welcome at Grayson High School. Our investigation into who placed this on our campus is ongoing and when we find the person(s) responsible we will take disciplinary action. That said, we need your assistance. Please talk to your child to see if they have any knowledge about this situation and the individual(s) who may have been responsible. As always I appreciate your support of our students and school. Working together we can ensure it remains a safe, welcoming learning community for all.


Dana L. Pugh


Grayson High School